const schemaJson = {
    [name]: {
      type: Number, // Number, String, Boolean, Date, Array, Object
      schema: {}, // Can describe object schema
      prefilled: false, // This value is optionally, indicate filling or not by default field
      defaultValue: null, // This value is optionally
      format: null, // This value only for Date and Number types
      required: true, // true or false
      filters: [], // Can be 'trim', 'upperCase', 'lowerCase' or custom functions
      validators: [], // Can be custom functions

const customFilertOrValidator = ({name, type, value, defaultValue, previousResult, allValues, options}) {
  //name - name of field
  //type - type of field
  //value - current value
  //defaultValue - default value of field
  //previousResult - result previous validator
  //allValues - all data
  //options custom data